The Best Golf Podcasts You Should Listen to for PGA Daily Fantasy Sports

The game of golf has grown thanks to the accessibility of golf courses and the growing number of game improvement equipment. Yet, the best golf podcasts, especially in the world of daily fantasy sports, are not laying up. In fact, never has the market been more saturated with more audio dedicated to the masses winning DraftKings tournaments, key betting segments, and social media. The important topics range from who to play, who you should fade, and even cash game plays. Regardless of what you are listening for, these podcasts deliver weekly and intend on going over the biggest names in golf.

There are plenty of big events throughout a PGA season. Fantasy golf has some of the brightest minds in the DFS injury, but what is often sought after is what is the best one? Which one is superior to others? The truth is that even the world’s best golfers can miss a cut, and so can a podcast. The top golf podcast’s goal is to make its listeners money. With nearly over 50 podcasts out there, one of the main questions often asked is which one should I listen to on a weekly basis? This realistically comes down to personal preference, and your desire to focus on a variety of topics.

Each show is unique with a variety of reasons that account for each show’s successes and failures. The purpose here is to identify what show is perfect for you, and not to belittle or criticize the skill level of each show. Every show is a good time, dedicated hosts, and an interesting listen. Some even have a wide variety of guests. The world of golf is growing, and these podcasts dive into each PGA Tour event with plenty of valuable information.

The criterion for each show is ultimately subjective as I am voicing my own opinion here. Yet, and even writing this I tread cautiously without any desire of insulting my competition.  These shows provide incredibly valuable content.  I enter this review with the goal of wanting you to listen to each show that I mention. Any negative comments towards any production are truly minimal and should not be a major detractor to any podcast listed.

Any weekly show that is not mentioned is for one or two reasons.  I have spent a lot of hours listening to PGA daily fantasy sports podcasts, and for some it would not be fair to give praise or criticism to those I do not feel I’ve spent enough time listening too.  There is still great content to be discovered for the PGA Tour and daily fantasy sports so I would never ever consider this list as final.  Great shows will continue to gain in popularity as time goes on. The cream tends to rise to the top.

Now for the other shows not mentioned on this list is not for a lack of information, but because I believe some shows are trying to get you behind a pay wall. In addition, some other podcasts are stealing content or information from someone else in the industry. I will not mention names, but if they are not listed here there is potential that the show lacks, in my mind, your best interest. Proof is often evident when someone who has their own show thanks one of the podcasts hosts listed below.

The podcasts platform allows anyone to add to the ever-growing amount of information out there.  Tread cautiously from whom you get your PGA daily fantasy sports information from.  Very rarely does one who labels themselves to be an elite source of PGA content ever come to fruition.  It takes hard work to produce these shows, and the podcast’s completed on weekly manner take time and preparation.

The break down will compose of what is great about the show, and then what is potentially a cause for concern. The criterion for each show is that they must be at a minimum a weekly podcast for every PGA Tournament including major championships. This isn’t a breakdown of who has the best SG Tour report and data analysis. This is not a detailed breakdown of which show wins the most. Here you will find myriad of information that hopefully leads you to voices that provide you with the latest news, a unique sound, and a golf IQ that is going to help you build better and stronger lineups. These are your top golf podcasts in no particular order. Each show is available via podlink by simply selecting the image or name of the show. Go and get your 6/6 for the weekend.

Hosted by Rick Gehman

Of all the individuals listed, Rick is the one who has earned the right to work directly with CBS Sports and the PGA Tour. Rick’s resume’ includes live segment analysis of PGA Tour tournaments for CBS, and his show is often the first to come out once DraftKings pricing has been released.  I would be remiss not mention his website which provides its subscribers with data that you can disaggregate utilizing his collection of stats, golfers, and his personal database. 

Rick uses his entire data set of stats for various tournament seasons, grass surfaces and even particular tournaments to hone-in on his favorite plays for both betting and daily fantasy sports. Utilizing both video content and as well as a podcast gives listeners a multi-media platform that has exceled his status as one of the main touts in the industry. Rick’s shows are fast, straight to the point, and give you some of his favorite plays. In addition, he brings content from his website onto the show to support his position of who you should play in your daily fantasy lineups. You can even find his tournament insight article in the digital version of Golf Digest.

In terms of his commitment to time, Rick is unparalleled regarding the access of his shows, the time spent on each show, and the fact that he is conscientiously refusing to waste your half hour. His direct approach is appealing, and his segments are of high interest to any player looking to better their process. His podcasts often track down all the latest golf news, and his information is always relevant.

What You May Not Like

The problem with Rick’s podcast is that you are going to have to listen to every subsequent podcast that he releases during the week. This means multiple-day dedication to 300 Yards to Unknown. For example, if you are desperate for his top fades for this week’s tournament you are simply going to have to wait until that show is produced and released. Sometimes, all this information can get lost in your podcast library throughout the week. Who can blame you for having a routine? Rick’s routine is providing content leading up to Thursday, which is quite different than what is traditionally done in DFS PGA Podcasts.

Fantasy Golf Degenerates

Hosted by Kenny Kim with Tyler Tamboline

Kenny and Tambo crank out a podcast early in the week for every PGA Tournament. They are exclusive to PGA content, and both play a significant amount of money each weekend. Yet, they play contrasting styles in daily fantasy sports. Kenny is a cash game wizard, and will no doubt do his best to double your bankroll on a weekly basis. Tambo tends to sit in the guaranteed prize pool and large entry fee contents always looking for big earnings.


Kenny’s weekly highlight, “Cash Game Cornerstones”, gives you a core for your cash lineups. Do not expect 6 plays. He can’t win a cash contest for you, but he can show you the way, and leave you with plenty of salary to figure out the rest of your lineup. He goes into detailed reasons as to why the 4 golfers he selects for his cash core are solid plays, and he consistently builds his bankroll up through his cash game prowess. Kenny might lose a week or two, and do not let that detract from his ability to provide key cogs in your cash lineup. His picks are consistent and arguably the best cash plays provided in the industry.


Each do an excellent job of going over their key plays for the week, utilizing unique data sets, personalized models, and their knowledge of the sport. The two have been doing this for so long that they often find some hidden gems every now and again by ignoring the metrics and playing by feel. They do a great job feeding off one another and dissect each tier of DraftKings pricing to the best of their ability.

What You May Not Like

Extraordinarily little is wrong with FGD. They even have a weekly 3-max that if you win, you play them in a 3-man the following week for potentially even more earnings. Yet, the two of them work for different companies. Tambo is a part of the RotoGrinders team while Kenny is a contributor at Gup’s Corner. The problem is not that you have a conflict of interest.  The issue is that you do not often see a great divide between the two on a weekly basis. 


This is probably in part to their contrasting styles of play and their close friendship, but you do not see the disagreements you would think happen between two competitors. If you are looking for a show that follows the same structure week after week then FGD is for you. If you want strong and rationale explanations that are straightforward, advantageous and clear, then this is the podcast for you.


Of course, if you hate long introductions, Kenny’s typically take over 20 minutes before any of the current daily fantasy slate is mentioned.  This does not mean it is a waste of time.  The two of them will cover anything from last week’s tournament to modern social concerns.  I enjoy listening to this dialogue, but it is not for everyone.  If you are only looking for DraftKings content for the current tournament you are going to have to fast forward for a little bit.

Hosted by Michael Kavaliunas

The Cutline differentiates itself from the other shows but eliminating talking about every golfer on the slate, and only rationalizing the best plays.  It is a different breed of show from the rest in that the production of the show does utilize sound bites, listener fueled jokes, and what is more than just talking about every golfer on the slate.  So, if your strapped for time, or if you know that Tiger Woods is a great play, and you don’t need to be further convinced on the matter this is a show that takes that into consideration. The shows base is built on a sound structure, and listeners can find consistency in its presentation.  The lone exception is the introduction in which the show presents teaching opportunities, past tournament evaluations, and a joke or three.


After the introduction, which typically covers the course and tournament nuggets, The Cutline is delivered in segments.  The three main staples are “Birdie or Better”, “Can’t Do It” and the “The MG: Monster’s and Guarantee”.  Each segment delivers a range of topics from who is the best play from the top tier to the 7K range, the chalk that Michael feels he cannot play, and lastly the longshots in the 6K range that he feels can finish T-25 or better. This show is driven by guaranteed prize pools and the ability to get different in a tournament.


Michael uses his own personal models, rankings, and weighted stats to deliver the rationale to play or fade a particular tour pro. This might take some time for listeners to get used to as these data sets are unique to the show as there is more than just strokes gained data discussed.

What You May Not Like

Risk is the word, and the risks that Michael covers are significant.  At times, they are massive slate changing types of plays. For those who have an inability to have a broad perspective on a particular slate will not enjoy the fact that Michael looks differently at chalk plays and attempts to identify what could go wrong with a popular play of the week. His goal is to produce strong GPP lineups and if you have no interest in tournaments this isn’t the show for you.


For those looking for cash game plays, The Cutline does not go into any depth for cash lineups.  It is often rare for the concept of double ups to even being mentioned on a show at all. These are risks that take players out of their comfort zones, but it will let you look at a slate differently.

Hosted by Dave Barnett with Pat Perry

Tour Junkies is one of the original PGA podcasts out there. David Barnett and co-host Pat Perry have developed an immense following and cover every DFS slate on their weekly golf podcast. What is unique is that DB and Pat take pride in their takes, and arguments at times can sometimes get heated in a positive way. You get the depth and analysis of many golfers, and you are often provided some of the best depth as to why you should roster or leave a guy out of your lineup. These are not your weekend golf guys just looking to sell you information about the DraftKings slate. These two-take pride in their show, and more than anything want to provide the best information they can. Best of all, the guys often get a laugh or ten out of the listener.


The show in many ways revolves around booze. Pat especially. If you have not listened before, much of their fun is a derivative from how much pleasure they are having recording. While it does not follow a model of inebriation, there are episodes where you just do not know how or why, Pat especially, derived at the answer he has come up with.


Still, this show has its advantages for the daily fantasy PGA Tour fan. DB and Pat have made plenty of friends in the industry. This provides insight, depth and interviews with actual PGA Tour pros and caddies. These are exclusive interviews and often possess questions we personally wish we could ask a tour pro or caddie. This is truly a classic golf addicts type podcast that is going to draw you in the moment you hear the opening music.

What You May Not Like

To be fair, the entertainment that these two provide is not for everyone. The drinking aspect of the show is not isolated in the industry, and it might be something that you just really do not care about. These two will cover all of this in their introductions before they even begin to start breaking down the slate. Let’s also recognize that sometimes DB or Pat will literally leave the recording to get a refill of their Tito’s. I find it authentic, but others might believe it to be nonsensical. They are one of the more popular podcasts in the industry, so tread cautiously when they mention a great play. More than likely it will not go unnoticed by the field.

Hosted by Pat Mayo

There is no bigger name in daily fantasy sports for content than Pat Mayo. His show is found on every podcast medium, and you can even watch his show on YouTube. Pat will cover a wide range of topics including his favorite DFS plays to his favorite gambling selections. Yet, what makes Pat different is that he is legitimately entertaining, and in terms of producing one of the best online golf community shows, there are few that compare due to the efforts and experience of Pat Mayo.


Nothing is more amusing than Pat’s longtime friend Tim Anderson. Careful with his picks though. The man is cursed. If you hear the names Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods…hell if Cust picks Chase Koepka’s older brother…you might want to fade him. Any golfer star names that come out of Cust’s mouth should caution a listener to tread lightly with that golfer. In the golf world there a few things that we trust as rules. One of them is the Cust Curse. It’s real.


Any successful show does not last without its finest help. Pat is often joined by partner in crime Geoff Fienberg, and his addition to the show always brings a sense of realism. In addition, Fienberg seems like a guy you want to watch the entire tournament with on an outdoor TV while sipping on your favorite beverage. Pat does bring on other guests in the industry, and it is one way that he maintains keeping it fresh on a week-to-week basis.


The final aspect of Mayo’s show is the fact that DraftKings allows him to run a rake free 3-Max tournament.  One could argue that it is the best bargain in daily fantasy sports for the money.

What You May Not Like

The largest, and most glaring blemish on Mayo’s show is that he has become so massively popular as a source of information that any nugget or tidbit that you learn is not a secret. In fact, it more than likely gains you a disadvantage to field. Is it the price of fame and hard work? Damn right it is. Yet, reading between the lines, listening to beyond the literal in your face information still provides serious content for any player looking to cash big on the weekend.


In addition, Pat Mayo has his own personal network covering a vast number of sporting topics beyond golf. Is NFL starting soon?  If it is, you better bet that Mayo will cover it.  What else is going on in the daily fantasy sports landscape?  Whatever the subject Mayo will certainly be there.  You must wonder how much focus he could potentially have on a lesser tournament.

Hosted by Jeff Bergerson and Zach Turcotte

This show marches to its own drum. Both are insightful and in depth in their analysis, and make sure that every player they feel as a solid play is carefully crafted and identified on the show. One of the most massive benefits that this show provides is the fact that they go over different way to tackle a slate with different pricing tiers and explain why a certain golfer could create problems in your lineup construction.

This show dedicates itself to more of the simple stats, and for the novice player they will love the fact that they do not have to navigate the advanced strokes gained metrics. For the most part, they create an argument as to why they like a player and their rationale is in depth without a listener even realizing it. The two do tend to focus on recent form more than other shows, and it is something that you are going to regularly notice on a weekly basis. But the aspect that is key is that the memory the two have of every golfer is the ability to notice how well some of the players have played in correlating tournaments.

The show provides listeners with a free and easy feeling. There is no pressure to play a certain player, and a listener leaves the show with clarity on guys they really felt like fading or playing when the podcast comes to an end.

What You May Not Like

The show runs at a slow pace. Think of it this way, if you are looking for high intensity or high energy you are just not going to get it from this show. Think of Zach and Jeff as the golfers you see on 18 holes that really are just there to have a good time. But you notice the talent they have as you wait on the tee on a par 3.


For those that are looking for that high in-depth strokes gained data this is not the show for you.  While the two of them do utilize statistical analysis, it is not the basis of the show. At times it almost feels that some of these plays are gut calls, but they are often spot on in their picks, plays, and lineup construction strategy.