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It is Called Grinding

DFS and picking winners is hard.  Your lineups, knowledge and love for the game is built here on the driving range.  An assortment of topics, ideaologies and principles are here for you to help create a stronger process that helps your fantasy lineups, and helps you gamble on big winners.

THe Driving

So you entered discord only to see the same question asked over and over again.  How many players do I need in my core?

Rules are simple.  You need to understand them.  Yet, the key to rules is finding the ones that lie in the grey area.

There are no easy answers.  Yet, there is always a golfer that either ignites or pulverizes your lineups.  The “elusive” 6/6 is just that…or is it?

My process is complex.  It doesn’t mean you need to go through this in order to be successful.  What it comes down to is consistancy, evaluation, and finding what works for you.

Winning is not easy. These podcasts dedicate their time to make sure that you’re are crushing every weekend and building your bankroll.

Truth, Lies and Randomness

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