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Cutting Edge Analytics

Powered by Microsoft BI, Cutline provides interactive analytics in real time...

Fully Customized Projections

Craft your lineups by focusing on what matters to you-

Fade the Noise

Cut through the hype and get to the data that really matters...

Analytical Breakdown from Tee to Green. Find your top plays, build your own model, and smash those books.

The key pieces for this weekends dose of daily fantasy.  You don’t know where to begin.  The 4ORE Play provides the building blocks to get different in tournaments, while building that bankroll in cash games.

There is no mitigating error larger than having zero knowledge in a golfers main opponent.  

The Driving Range

Resources for those looking to grow their game to new heights. You’re lineups, your bankroll, and who you bet on is only going to get better with hard work.

Resources for all our big bets….hey, gimme $500 on Chi Chi Rodriguez…he’s WHAT??? SINCE WHEN!!???!!!??? Look pal, just do your job and give me $500 on Chi Chi!!!!

The Cutline is intended to deliver even more depth with the goal of providing the most informative and insightful analysis of any free PGA DFS site out there today.

We pride ourselves on offering a dynamic contrast to what is often cookie cutter analysis from some of the bigger companies out there. The show is always raw, open and rugged.  This site will operate under the same principles.

Experience The Cutline for yourself.  Regardless if you are a first time listener or avid fan of the show The Cutline welcomes one and all.  There will be a few whacks, greenside sand traps, and plenty of putts rolling in through the backdoor.

Since 2019, the Cutline Podcast has been entertaining listeners with advice and musings on a weekly basis. See the latest episode here, or don’t… hey, did you know that spring is the best time to bring your family to Snow Mountain??